LenaVinyl Record

We all know this feeling when we look back at special moments, but the memories fade and start to get blurred. I accompany you on tour and take pictures on and offstage. Afterwards you get a hand-printed and hand-bound, personalized photobook in the shape of a vinyl record cover. 

The book will be printed on a high-quality printing press at a professional printing house. I will watch the printing process to make sure the quality matches my expectations. 

After the book is printed it will be hand-bound by a professional bookbinder. She works very traditionally and will use only the best paper and fabric for the book. 

The finished book will look similar.

Afterwards, I will not simply send the book via mail but give it to you in person. It comes in a book jacket which has the form of a vinyl cover. The back of it is also printed and personalized. I will pack it very carefully and in a nice packaging to make sure it matches the high quality of the printing and binding. 

This is a project deep from my heart and therefore I will make sure that you have the best memories afterwards. Because nothing is more important than to remember the good times!

For (at least) two reasons I consistently ask Lena to take pictures of me and my musical projects.
I like her picture’s style – black and white pictures fit perfect to me!
Both live and in the studio it is nice to work with Lena. You can have a great time with her but if you have to work you will not notice she is taking pictures. 

Pablo Poch Parramon