About Me

Hello, I’m Lena. 

I am a passionate photographer, especially of musicians. 

My passion is music – playing music myself or listening to it and singing out loud or photographing other musicians… I love music and everything around it! I love people who are into music and with that I don‘t mean business people who only want to make money, I mean artists whose whole hearts are into music. Who mostly give their whole lives to it. 

Lena got it right!

Bryan Adams

When I hear great songs and feel everything about them, it means so much to me.  Every time I listen to music, I imagine how the band plays the songs and how I would capture this moment. I don’t like to tell people to pose for a picture. But I love to capture the moment, the real moment in the situation, just like it is.

For my work that means that you won’t see the typical cover of some magazines. You won’t see the typical poses and faces which you see so often in the concert photography scene. 

I met Lena and she is not only a great photographer and an extremely nice person but also an outstanding tour-bus-driver. Lena already shot individual portraits of me and photographed me and my band, the GoGorillas, various times when we were live on stage. Photographing a live performance on stage is great art which Lena masters perfectly.  And on top, Lena got us home safely after an intense festival – what more can I say rather than: Thank you, Lena!!!

Micha Fromm

On my pictures you see the light, you feel the music. You don’t see the whole stage or the whole band always, sometimes you don’t even see the faces. But you feel them. I love being on stage, taking photos of people making great music. I love the feeling on stage – it´s a totally different feeling than being in the crowd.

This is what I live for: photographing what I see with my heart. With more depth and more warmth, so the band gets everlasting memories of these special moments.

I already worked for:

  • Bryan Adams
  • Stefanie Heinzmann
  • Luxuslärm
  • Dixon Drums
  • Regal Tip
  • Audix
  • Micha Fromm
  • Pablo Poch Parramon
  • etc.

My work appeared in:

  • Drums & Percussion
  • Musikiathek
  • Play Dixon Drums
  • Drummers Focus